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Our Hotel Depandance House Bunsen

We provide 8 additional rooms in our Haus Bunsen These are all individually and classically equipped. The rooms all provide internet access, telephone, HD-TV and SKY-TV, 4K-television with all relevant channels for sports, series, cinema or family-TV as a standard feature.

Haus Bunsen HeidelbergHaus Bunsen Heidelberg


Haus BunsenHotel Bunsen

Historically equipped rooms combine the spirit of the times and the lifestyle of long gone days with modern amenities.
Haus Bunsen Heidelberg


Fernsehen im Zimmer
  • Enyoy the former residence of Mr.Robert Wilhelm Bunsen in a modern way.

  • Linger over our "Crowne Bedding" standard beds while choosing out of numerous tv-stations in all languages.

  • Spend the night in a very quiet location (declared living area in which cars can drive only 7 MPH).

  • The breakfastroom is just across the street and gives you the possibility to inhale some of the fresh air of Heidelberg before taking your first coffee of the day.

  • Use our high speed internet connection free of any cost.


Our bathrooms are equipped comfortably and provide an adapted standard to our enviromental needs.
In this case excessible waterwaste is not possible any longer. The toilettes are equipped with rainwater usal which helpes to relieve nature. Lights are LED – technology. They consume only 3 Watts. The shower water as well as the wash dish are providing water electronically.


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